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Machine Maintenance Support provides customers with technical information on the maintenance of their press-in machines and peripheral equipment, and offers preliminary support to prevent machine breakdowns on site.
We also offer sales of maintenance-specific parts sets and technical training for mechanics.
It is also possible to analyze machine operating conditions and view maintenance histories based on IT information.

Features and Benefits of
Maintenance Support




GMS Spare Parts Package

With this GMS Spare Parts Package, we are offering two kinds of packages: for Small maintenance and Big maintenance, both at a special price.

You can choose the package that best suits the condition of your machine.

Both spare parts packages include 4 filter sets that each need to be replaced every 500 hours (2,000 hours total).

These are available when you buy a new machine or for any machine you already own (limited to eligible models).

The operating status and operating hours of the press-in machine and its auxiliary equipment can be checked on a management system. Detailed data for each item and monthly operational analysis can be performed.

Maintenance history can be registered and managed.

Various documents relating to your machines can be found on the GMS website. (product information, consumables catalogue, safety data sheets, etc.)

You can also consult technical documents relating to the mechanics (e.g., hydraulic and electrical diagrams).

GMS Website

Training Course for Mechanics

Technical training course for mechanics is also available at a special price for GTOSS members. On request, we can provide training at your premises or at our GIKEN factory.

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