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What is GTOSS?

GIKEN offers a comprehensive support system for our users called GTOSS (GIKEN Total Support System).

The aim of GTOSS is for users to acquire the technical skills to install piles accurately and quickly, and to improve the quality of construction design and maintenance work. It will enable our users to increase their overall operational productivity and gain a strong competitive edge.

Giken Total Support System

Various Support Services


Technical Support

Technical support is based on the Press-in Essentials, which scientifically summarizes the principles of press-in, and provides advice on how to proceed efficiently on site, while also providing the know-how that GIKEN has developed as a pioneer.
It also provides materials to support pre-planning and preparation, which is very important for the smooth running of construction works, as well as educational materials on the operation of the press-in machine.


Planning Support

Planning Support is provided to customers in the planning phase of construction work for the use of the press-in machine. The support includes the provision of visual drawings of the press-in machine, the transport of load drawings and movable CAD data to make construction studies easier, and access to FAQs.


Maintenance Support

Machine Maintenance Support provides customers with technical information on the maintenance of their press-in machines and peripheral equipment, and offers preliminary support to prevent machine breakdowns on site.
We also offer sales of maintenance-specific parts sets and technical training for mechanics.
It is also possible to analyze machine operating conditions and view maintenance histories based on IT information.


Sales/Rental Support

Sales/Rental Support provides information for customers considering renting or purchasing our products.

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Become a GTOSS member with a subscription and receive various benefits!

To become a member, please contact us.

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